Saturday, June 30, 2012

Could House Arrest Holder?

Despite voting to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt of Congress, there’s little House Republicans can do in the short term to compel him to turn over documents, unless it wanted to revisit a long-dormant power and arrest him!  That certainly would be something. 

It's a possibility that probably won't happen, but it is theoretically possible.  Man, that would be interesting. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Daryrell Issa Puts Details of Secret Wiretap Applications In Congressional Record

In the midst of the debate over contempt, Issa dropped a bombshell.  I am talking about the secret wiretap application that has become a point of debate. 
The wiretap applications are under court seal, and releasing such information to the public would ordinarily be illegal. But Issa appears to be protected by the Speech or Debate Clause in the Constitution, which offers immunity for Congressional speech, especially on a chamber’s floor.
According to the letter, the wiretap applications contained a startling amount of detail about the operation, which would have tipped off anyone who read them closely about what tactics were being used.

This could be bad news for Holder.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

So the Supreme Court basically upheld all of Obama's health care initiatives.  The 5-4 decision could mean the overhaul will take place much quicker now.  This is going to affect the way countless Americans receive and pay for their medical care.  Republicans are obviously opposed to the decision. 

Mitt Romney called it a "bad law" and promised to do what he could to repeal it.  That is funny considering he basically wrote the model of Obamacare with Romneycare. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CNN at lowest ratings in 20 years

With all of the bad news happening lately, at least something good happened with the mainstream media.  Less and less people are watching Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.  Places like and are filling the void for people who know they are being lied to.  It's about time people turn elsewhere.  Mainstream media is nothing but propaganda, afterall.

Still, it's frustrating to see people still watching that nonsense, but at least it's less and less.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is Obama's Campaign In Trouble?

Is Obama's campaign in financial trouble?  It appears that it is.  I must admit I had to laugh when I saw the advertisement asking people getting married to donate to the campaign instead of giving gifts.  Oh yes, it is the gift that keeps on giving totalitarianism and a social welfare state!  At first i had to ask myself if it was a joke, but sure enough it was real.

Then you had that cheesy (beyond cheesy, actually) advertisement with Obama and Michelle talking about their first date.  Then,  you had Obama winking at the camera saying girls love art or something to that effect.  I have to think at this point that his campaign just assumes people are stupid.  I mean, come on, you are actually asking people getting married to donate to your campaign?  It really is pathetic.

It appears that the corporate interests are backing Romney more at this point.  I honestly think at this point, it is more likely Romney will be the President, but you never know.  Now, in the latest development, it appears that the Democrats may actually cancel the convention kickoff due to financial woes.  Then you have the poll of Obama slipping in Ohio and you just see how things are going, not to mention Obama was booed at his own fundraiser!  Obama even admits himself that he will be outspent. 

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell May Be In Running For VP

While Virginia governor Bob McDonnell in the past has said "no" to the question of whether he is being considered for the VP nomination, his tone has now changed to "ask the governor" (Romney).  He has said that he has not been pursuing the position, but if he was asked, he would consider.  Most people probably do not even know who this guy is unless they live in Virginia.  He hasn't really made a presence on the national stage. 

So now it looks like there are five possibilities.  Those would include Mitch Daniels, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Bob McDonnell now.  Personally, I think Romney is going to choose Rubio.  How else is he going to appeal to the Latino voters?  I feel like Ryan, McDonnell, and Daniels do not really offer much that would appeal to target voters.  Rand Paul and Rubio would be interesting choices by his campaign.

I would love to see Ron Paul as the Republican nominee and President, and I still think it was not outside the realm of possibility had it not been for voting fraud that is undebatable and on record.  After all, Ron Paul won Maine, Nevada, and potentially several other states.  Unfortunately, Paul's campaign was not managed extremely well, but at least some real issues were injected into the political stratosphere.

Of course, libertarians hope Gary Johnson injects some real issues as well, despite his rather monotone vocal performances.  It is the message of liberty and abiding by the Constitution that matters.  Ron Paul is not exactly the most eloquent or charismatic of figures, but his voting record is unshaken.  What libertarians have hoped to see is a young, energetic candidate with a sound voting record.  We had hoped that was Rand Paul, and that is why his departure was taken so hard.

The future is bright for a young Libertarian future politician who has the courage to vote consistently like Ron Paul, and some charisma wouldn't hurt either.  Who knows?  Maybe that future politician could be you!  You won't know unless you try!  Get out there and start spreading the message of freedom and liberty!

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Founders Intended For Every Citizen To Be Politically Informed

The United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights were two of the finest documents to ever be written.  The rights of individual citizens were established, private property was to be protected, and all citizens were to be given the opportunity for liberty.  What many people do not realize, however, is that for the protections granted by the Constitution to remain intact, the citizens themselves must keep a watchful eye against the goverment's activity to guard against tyranny.  In order for a constitutional republic to operate properly, citizens must be engaged.

Unfortunately, many people are under the impressions that politics do not affect them, and even if they did, there would be little they could do to change anything.  Well, if every citizen were to view politics this way, you can see how problems would quickly arise.  I am here to tell you that what happens politically does affect you on an individual basis, and if you really care about not only the country but also your family and friends, you would get involved.

We live in a country where many people remain disengaged on these matters.  They would rather be entertained by television or movies; they simply do not want to be bothered.  I can understand that to a degree, but you need to realize that one person really can make a difference.  Who knows if that could be you?  While movies and television teach you that unless your Batman or some action hero, you cannot make an influence, that simply is not the case.  There have been many examples throughout history of people who wanted to see change so they went out and made that change happen.

This is a bipartisan issue.  Whether  Republican or Democrat, it doesn't matter.  The size and scope of the federal government has been steadily increasing under Clinton, Bush, Obama, etc.  It doesn't matter who is in office.  If you study history, much of it has to do with governments or power structures dominating the regular people.  Most of the time, the citizens let it happen because they are apathetic.  Often, the seeds of tyranny grow so slowly that most people do not even notice.

The government must be held accountable by the people in order for it to function properly.  Who is going to hold the governmente accountable?  Do not assume someone else is going to do it.  Stand up for what you deem to be right and stake a claim.  First and foremost, become educated on the issues.  Study history and receive your news from "alternative" media that focuses on the truth rather than propaganda.  Second, network with other people interested in making a difference.  It is much easier to make a difference with friends standing with you.  Third, call your representatives, get involved in local politics, and speak out.  Find whatever method works for you and spread the message of liberty to whoever will listen.

The message of liberty is very attractive to everyone once they understand what it means.  Help people realize just how great of a document the Constitution is, and remind them of how the Bill of Rights is what allows America to be America.  It is up to each and every one of us to make America a free and prosperous place one again, so let's do it!

Things Are Heating Up In Arizona

The Supreme Court has announced that key provisions of the Arizona immigration law, SB 1070, were unconstitutional, but upheld one of the most controversial elements of the law.  Mitt Romney said the decision was the fault of Obama for not passing any comprehensive immigration reform.  While Romney has mostly stayed away from the law, he did say that Arizona should serve as a model for immigration enforcement.

Romney is in a tricky situation, because he is trying to appeal to two categories of voters.  On the one hand, he is trying to appeal to Latinos, and if he appears too strong on areas of immigration, he could lose key votes.  On the other hand, if he is too easy on immigration, he could lose conservative votes, and many conservatives are already wary of Romney as it is.

Homeland Security has recently suspended immigration agreements with Arizona police.  This basically seems like another attempt for federal agencies to interfere with states' rights.  Nevertheless, this is a huge victory for Arizona, as SB 1070 upholds immigration provisions.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio was certainly pleased. 

This is a victory for the rights of states, and should be celebrated.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Austrian Economics Vs. Keynesian Economics

It is pivotal when attempting to understand politics to understand economics as well.  Understandably, not everyone has a PhD in economics, but nevertheless the average joe can cultivate an impressive level of knowledge if the effort is put in.  Most people just assume that recessions or depressions just happen on their own, or inflation just happens, too.  They assume the business cycle is just a fact of the economy: that it goes up and down, but does it?

According to Austrian economics, a boom-bust cycle of malinvestment is generated by excessive and unsustainable credit expansion to businesses and individual borrowers by the banks.  For example, consider the sub-prime mortgage calamity where excessive credit was extended.  A boom taking place under these circumstances is actually a period of wasteful malinvestment, a "false boom" where the particular kinds of investments undertaken during the period of fiat money expansion are revealed to lead nowhere but to insolvency and unsustainability.  In other words, the bubble leading up to the housing crisis was very artificial.  A "credit crunch" arrives when the consumers come to reestablish their desired allocation of saving and consumption at prevailing interest rates.  Austrians  argue that any attempts by federal governments to prop up asset prices, bail out insolvent banks, or "stimulate" the economy with deficit spending will only make the misallocations and malinvestments worse, prolonging the depression and adjustment necessary to return to stable growth.  Austrians argue the policy error rests in the central bank's negligence in allowing the "false" credit-fueled boom to begin in the first place, not in having it end with fiscal "austerity".

Austrians generally argue that inherently ineffective central bank policies, including unsustainable expansion of bank credit through fractional reserve lending, are the cause of business cycles, as they tend to set artificial interest rates too low for too long, resulting in excessive credit creation, speculative bubbles and artificially low savings.  Under fiat money systems, central banks create new money when it lends to member banks, and this money is multiplied many times. This new bank-created money enters the loan market and provides a lower rate of interest than that which would prevail if the money supply were stable.

So what causes inflation according to Austrian economics?  Inflation is usually the result of action taken by the central government or its central bank, which permits or allows an increase in the money supply.  In other words, so called stimulus is not only ineffective, but serves to further damage the situation.  Austrian economists push the importance of a gold standard, or letting the market decide.  Without such sound money constraints, the potential for abuse and miscalculation is inherent.

Now let us discuss keynesian economics.  In stark contrast to the principles of Austrian economics, advocates of Keynesian economics argue that private sector decisions sometimes lead to inefficient macroeconomic outcomes which require active policy responses by monetary actions by the central bank and fiscal policy actions by the government.  They prefer a mixed economy, a predominantly private sector, but with a significant role of government and public sector.  A central conclusion of Keynesian economics is that, in some situations, no strong automatic mechanism moves output and employment towards high employment levels. This conclusion conflicts with economic approaches that assume a strong general tendency towards equilibrium, as the Austrians argue.  Kenesian economics argue very heavily for active fiscal policy and intervention. 

Austrian economists criticize the Keynesian approach for being too centralized.  They argue that in a free market, the market itself would determine many of the factors that central banks attempt to manipulate. 

Romney and Obama Both Seek Support Of Latinos

Romney and Obama are both seeking to appeal to Latino voters, but they are going about it using different methods.  Romney would probably gain much more credibility with Marco Rubio as his running mate, while Obama's latest executive power grab to grant certain illegals amnesty is his method.  Of all the running mates Romney could choose, Rubio would probably give him the most "political traction".  He would certainly be a better choice than Mitch Daniels or Paul Ryan.  While Rand Paul would maybe give him a little bit of credibility among the libertarian voters, it would likely backfire as most libetarians do not agree with the policies of Romney at all.

Obama's policy can later be overturned, so it is clearly just a political tactic.  It is disappointing to see such blatant political strategies that often make the candidates look less than consistent or genuine.  That is why I always supported Ron Paul, and despite the recent departure politically of his son, the father for the most part remains genuine. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

How To Be Your Own Person

It has become increasingly difficult for many in our society to be their own person.  Granted, the indoctrination from Madison Avenue from a very early age does not help the situation.  Practically immediately, toddlers are taught to conform, being told that it is in their best interest to simply get in line and do as their told.  Walk into any supermarket, and the images on the covers of magazines are designed to make women and men feel inadequate.  Turn on your television, and you will be told what to eat, how to vote, what to spend your money on, and so on.  Most people know following others does not lead to happiness, so what are the solutions?

First and foremost, stop watching so much television.  A little bit here and there is obviously fine, but hours and hours lead to indoctrination, often without the viewer even noticing.  Do not get your news from television, either.  What used to be legitimate news long ago has been replaced with stations creating the news as opposed to reporting it.  What this means is rather than talking about the actual news, it is just pundit upon pundit talking about their opinions.  If you step back for two seconds, you will realize their opinions do not help you whatsoever, so it is a giant waste of time.  The solution, therefore, is to obtain your news from legitimate online sources.

Second, be careful where you spend your time online.  Surfing the gossip channels and entertainment venues is a surefire way to be a  follower.  Often people base their entire conversations with people on what some celebrity is doing.  Once you stop doing this, you will most certainly realize how trite and silly this was.   There are plenty of more interesting topics of conversation than where some celebrity ate last week.

Third, stop adhering to two the two party system mirage.  That is to say once you really understand politics, you will see Republicans and Democrats are two wings of the same corporate big government party.  That is not to say there are not good Republicans or good Democrats out there, but it is not beneficial to just vote straight down the line as many do.  If you really want to be your own person, being politically informed is a crucial part of that, so do your own research and use many sources.  Most people when they talk politics just regurgitate what some other political pundit said.  Rise above that, and form your own opinions.  Vote how you want to vote, not on how you suppose it will affect the outcome of an election.

Fourth, and most importantly, spend time getting to know yourself.  It sounds like a ridiculous proposition, but chances are this would benefit you.  What kind of hobbies really interest you?  Stop just going along with what other people like and start doing what you like.  Be bold and stand up for yourself.

Parents of Border Agent Say White House Is Hiding Information

With the scandal quickly growing about Fast and Furious, the parents of the border agent that was killed say the White House is hiding information.  This seems pretty obvious considering Holder refuses to hand over 60,000+ documents that are probably quite incriminating, and Obama's executive privilege.

That much is pretty much obvious considering the most recent developments.  While Holder has not yet been formally charged with contempt, it will happen soon.  Of course the parents are upset that the Obama Administration is witholding information about their son.  Wouldn't you be upset if your son or daughter was killed, and the President of the United States might be involved but is playing politics? 

Obama's actions recently continue to test the limits of executive power, especially with the latest immigration power.  I wish Congress would actually do their job and hold the Administration accountable.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What does it mean to be a libertarian?

There are often many misconceptions regarding libertarianism.  Many so called liberals attack libertarians for being too conservative.  It's interesting how liberals so often seem to support big government, tyranny and social programs when classical liberalism is a political ideology that advocates limited government, constitutionalism, free markets, and freedom of the press.

Often libertarians such as Ron Paul are criticized for "not caring" about national security.  Yet is it really in the national security interests of the United States to intervene in foreign affairs it has no business in?  Take Iran for example.  Most people have no idea that the U.S. overthrew the sovereign Iranian government and installed the shah all those years ago.  People wonder why they have hostility towards us.

Quite frankly, the United States Constitution is considered the law of the land.  Yet it is blatantly ignored a great deal of the time in matters of foreign policy, monetary policy, and even domestic policy.  Most people when asked what form of government the United States is will respond that it is a democracy.  Yet the United States is not a democracy; rather it is a constitutional republic, with checks and balances.  A democracy simply means majority rule, which in many cases can be quite harmful.  There are democratic aspects of the government of the U.S., but the appropriate term is a constitutional republic.

Liberterians are mostly people who care about their freedom, and want to see the Constitution followed.  They want to see Congress write the laws, the Executive branch implement, and the Courts decide matters of how law is interpreted.  When a President makes decisions over Congress's authority, or blatantly disregards Congress all together, the seeds for tyranny are sown, and libertarians become quite concerned.

Many people assume that liberterians are for people taking drugs, but libertarians are not.  Most liberterians do not take any drugs whatsoever.  They simply do not consider it the place of the Federal government to decide what is appropriate for one's health and what is not.  That is not even taking into account the epic inept outcome of the so called War on Drugs.  Simply put, if someone is minding their own business, libertarian's do not care what someone does unless it harms someone else.

Libertarians want a free market, and for the most part, subscribe to the philosophies of Austrian Economics.  A centrally controlled authority that controls interest rate and manipulates a currency is not what the framers had in mind.  On the contrary, in a truly free market, interest rates will naturally assume the proper level.  Why is it that cell phones, televisions, and other appliances are top notch quality, and constantly coming down in price?  The answer is they are still able to exercise some free market policies.  Yet when the government assumes command of something, the outcome is slow and ineffective.

There are many misconceptions about libertarians, but the truth is libertarians are some of the most well informed and educatedn matters of politics.  If people actually knew how libertarianism works, I am sure there would be far more out there.

Shocker! Obama Invokes Executive Privilege.

Coming as a complete shock to many, Obama did what he previously said he would never do: he invoked the executive privilege.  For all that are unfamiliar with Fast and Furious, basically it was a program to supposedly ship guns to Mexico and then "track" them to see where they went.  Then, when a border agent was killed, the investigation began into how high up the operation went.

It turned out that Holder won't release thousands upon thousands of documents, so Congress moved to hold him in contempt.  In a shocking twist, however, Obama invoked the executive privelege, which is a surprising move especially considering he said he would never do such a thing!  It is kind of like how he said he could never do what he did with immigration years ago, but now he did.

So the question is, why make this move?  It is going to make him look like he is hiding something, but to his benefit, some would argue that it also postpones the investigation revealing anything significant until after the election.  Press Secretary Jay Carney looked quite comical when he said it was a matter of principle, and in response practically the whole room of reporters laughed.

Also, Fox and Friends recently ran a video making Obama look less than wonderful, and the White House actually called Fox to scold them!  Now, I am no fan of Fox, but that is ridiculous.  It seems unprecedentede for the White House to call a news corporation to complain.  A lot of things going on are ridiculous lately, though, so it is hardly surprising.

Why do you think Obama invoked the executive privilege?  Will it help our hurt his election chances?  Do you think Holder is hiding information?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Phew! Ron Paul still does not endorse Romney

With Rand Paul actually endorsing Romney, and reports of Ron Paul telling everyone to "be mature" at the convention and concede to Romney, a lot of people have been wondering where Ron Paul actually stands.  Well, that has been answered when Ron Paul appeared on CNN and MSNBC and said "NO" to endorsing Romney.

This is very good news.  Had he actually endorsed Romney, his entire movement would feel earthquakes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Obama Slams Romney Over Heckling

So Romney's campaign apparently is "refusing to condemn heckling", and Obama's response is basically complaining.  Sounds like silly politics news stories as usual.  Remember folks that there is very slight variation between the policies of the two, and much of what is going on is politial theater.  I found it particularly hilarious that Obama is going to have a "mock" debate with John Kerry playing Romney.  What is the point of that?  It is pretty hilarious, though.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mexican President Thanks Obama For Immigration Changes

While many are questioning the political move Obama made by granting certain levels of amnesty to certain illegals, the Mexican president is all smiles about it.  He went on to say how it was a "humanitarian" action.  Yeah, is it really humanitarian for the legal citizens of the United States?  Election tactics have really taken on joke status as of late.  Again, if he was really being a humanitarian, he would have done this years ago.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Romney Accuses Obama of Playing Politics With Immigration

Mitt Romney
So the lastest development of course is Obama claiming he will give amnesty to illegals under various conditions.  A lot of people are wondering: if this isn't politics, why didn't he do this 3 years ago?  The answer of course is that it IS politics.  Romney didn't say whether he would repeal the act if he were President, but did accuse Obama of playing politics.  Well, of course he is playing politics.  That is how politics works. 

Yet it's a good response to point it out.  While it will appeal to a certain demographic, many people will see it as a blatant ploy for votes.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Similarities Between Obama and Romney

While many people still adhere to the two party paradigm, it is important to realize that both candidates are bought and paid for by the same corporate interests.  If one is to ever change anything in this country, the two party system must be let go, which is a monumental task.  Hopefully Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate, can inject some truth and talk about the real issues.  The recent departure of Ron and Rand Paul means someone needs to take up the cause of freedom.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sheriff Arpaio Responds to Bombshell Obama Immigration Story

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio shares his initial thoughts on the breaking news that the US government will stop deporting illegal immigrants and give work permits to younger illegals that meet certain criteria.   This seems just simply unprecedented, but not surprisingly considering Obama's stances in the past.  Not only that, but Obama refused to even answer questions, and of course MSNBC says asking questions is "racist".

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Romney and Obama Give Different Speeches in Ohio: Does it Matter?

Obama and Romney
While Obama touted his big government, let's tax the rich scam some more, Obama's long lost twin, Romney didn't waste any time pretending that he is conservative.  You know, Romney, that guy that for 20 years was for bailouts, big government, abortion, etc.  Now apparently he has flip flopped for the 100th time.  Need we say the obvious?  Both are bought and paid for by the same puppet masters.  When are people going to be interested in the puppet masters then?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The rhetoric between political parties is ridiculous.

I read stories like Obama saying Republicans' entire platform can be summed up in a tweet, or MSNBC hosts saying they hope Obama blaming Bush will work, and I just have to laugh because it's all so ridiculous.  Don't people realize that both parties are bought and paid for by the same foreign banking and corporate interests?  Get that through your heads people; it doesn't matter who wins.  You have the President going on shows like the View these days.  Can you imagine Eisenhower going on a show like that and asking his daughters what they think policy should be?  It is a joke.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

North Dakota Votes for Measure to Dump Confiscatory Property Taxes

The people of North Dakota will go to the polls today and decide if the state should abolish property taxes. The measure is opposed by the state Chamber of Commerce, agribusiness, government unions, politicians and others feeding at the public trough.  I wonder why they would be opposed?  Gee, I wonder.  This is a very interesting development.  People forget there was a time when there were no property taxes, and contrary to popular opinion, the government did just fine; they just actually had to be accountable for what they spent.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Jesse Ventura Gets Backing Of Former SEALs In Lawsuit Over “Punch” Hoax

Way to go Jesse!  Anyone remember the obviously false story about Jesse Ventura being punched by Chris Kyle over talking badly about the troops?  Anyone who knows anything about Ventura knows this was a complete lie.  The guy was obviously trying to do it for publicity.  Well, now Jesse Ventura is taking action.

In February, Kyle filed a petition to have the case moved to U.S. District Court in St. Paul. Ventura considered dropping the case but after being contacted by several prominent former US Navy Seals, was “ordered” to go ahead with the lawsuit after Kyle failed to agree to a settlement that would have seen him admit to lying and pay attorney fees.

One of those former SEALs is Ventura’s former instructor, the widely respected Terry “Mother” Moy. The ex-SEAL who owns the bar where the incident is alleged to have occurred is also backing Ventura.

All I can say is this guy got what was coming to him.  You would think a Navy SEAL would have more honor than that, but at least Ventura does.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is Rand Paul trying to be a double agent?

If you really analyze and pay attention to detail regarding the tape where Rand Paul endorses Romney, it becomes pretty clear that he is not exactly thrilled about the idea.  What is the reasoning then?  A lot of folks presume that Paul thinks he can enter the establishment and change it from the inside.  Unfortunately, this is not how it works, and he just ended up already losing a lot of his support.

While the intentions may be good, it is a doomed plan if that is what he is trying to do.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rand Paul Endorses........... Mitt Romney!?!?!!

Even though is father, Ron Paul, hasn't even formally dropped out of the race, Rand Paul has decided to endorse Mittens.... er, sorry, Mitt Romney.  This is a huge blow to true libertarians obviously.  Mitt Romney and libertarians have absolutely nothing in common.  After all, it is Mitt Romney who stated he would have signed the NDAA, wrote Obamacare, endorses foreign wars, and generally speaking is the complete opposite of what Ron Paul stands for.

Understandably, many people are angry about this, and rightfully so.  Either this is some cleverly devised tactic to open up the doors for Rand Paul to run down the line, or it is just pure selling out, but either way, it's quite a shock.  This is definitely a major disappointment to say the least.

Why do you think he did this?  Was he paid off?  What is the reasoning?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Did Scott Brown's Win Change Things For Obama?

What happened in Wisconsin might just signify a huge shift. Public employee unions were beaten back and defeated in a state with a long progressive tradition. The unions and their allies put everything they had into "one of their most aggressive grass-roots campaigns ever," as the Washington Post's Peter Whoriskey and Dan Balz reported in a day-after piece. Fifty thousand volunteers made phone calls and knocked on 1.4 million doors to get out the vote against Gov. Scott Walker. Mr. Walker's supporters, less deeply organized on the ground, had a considerable advantage in money.

This could just be a major blow to the state's recent history of blue state budgetary models.  Not only that, but it certainly doesn't help Obama at all.  It's funny how Obama doesn't even go to places like Wisconsin anymore.  No, he goes to Sarah Jessica Parker's!  The whole thing is ridiculous.  Translation: the President is in troubled waters.  Your thoughts?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Attack on Syria Imminent?

Right from Bilderberg, diplomats across the spectrum are ramping up the push for intervention.. The shadowy group’s officially-leaked agenda discussed ‘the Future of Democracy, Russia, China and the Middle East,’ while the attendance of Bassma Kodmani, a top representative of the Syrian National Council and operative for the Ford Foundation and other Western institutes, make clear that the war/kinetic action in Syria is all but imminent.
In the false dichotomy that attempts to create the perception that the U.S. must intervene in Syria, top Bilderberg-tapped diplomats are playing out a phony script about whether to ‘wait on diplomacy’ as the death tolls piles up, or ‘do the right thing’ and using power to stop Assad’s regime.
Financial Times writer Gideon Rachman also attended Bilderberg 2012, yet wrote in favor of continued diplomacy over military action from NATO and the Western allies. Rather than advancing the cause of peace and restraint, Rachman opened himself up to attacks from TIME magazine and even his own publication arguing why the world can’t wait on Syria.
People need to see past the lies and see this is just another manipulation by the elites to add more dominance to the region.  Or is this not true?  Is there a real humanitarian mission there?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Did Mitt Romney attend Bilderberg 2012?

Apparently several eyewitnesses saw Mitt Romney attending Bilderberg this year in Chantily, VA.  Four separate eyewitnesses testified to this.  Romney's office officially neither confirmed nor denied his presence at the meeting, but later changed the story to say he was not there.  While many would argue he was not on the list, this seems irrelevant as other witnesses saw Bill Gates there as well, who also was not on the list. 

Is obvious that Romney's presence at the meeting suggests the Bilderberg elites are seriously considering him as a viable alternative for President.  The VP spot looks like it is going to Mitch Daniels as well.  It appears true that the elite no longer favor Obama, and are looking to play the Republican/Democrat game to change things up even though the same policies remain.  Anyone who researches the subject will see that historically relatively unknown politicians have attended the meetings, only to very quickly ascend to President or Prime Minister.

What do you think?  Do elections decide voting outcomes?  Or is it elites choosing?  Or both? 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Age of Military Drones

While Federal Aviation Administration helps usher in an age of drones for U.S. law enforcement agencies, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) domestically by the U.S. military, and the sharing of collected data with police agencies, is raising its own concerns about possible violations of privacy and Constitutional law, according to critics.  My response to this is... ya think!?!?!  Let me see if I read this correctly.  Drones WILL and ARE being used BY the military WITH police for the purpose of collecting data.  Could this be a violation of the 4th amendment on a MASSIVE scale?  Just maybe?  Sounds like a great way to circumvent that whole "getting a warrant" thing.  Such an annoyance anyway, right?  This is such a blatant violation of liberty, I wonder when people will wake up. 

"We’ve seen in some records that were released by the Air Force just recently, that under their rules, they are allowed to fly drones in public areas and record information on domestic situations,” says Jennifer Lynch, an attorney with the San Francisco based Electronic Frontier Association, who is looking into various government surveillance techniques.

The revised Air Force report is a continuation of a policy already a few years old, but is causing more alarm now as drones appear poised to soon become a ubiquitous presence in U.S. skies thanks to a federal policy to promote their use, first by law enforcement agencies, and then by commercial concerns.

Folks, if this doesn't concern you, I don't know what will.  To the parents out there, how does a nice afternoon on the playground with your child sound, while being watched by 30,000 drones potentially in the U.S.?

Drone manufacturers are gearing up to pitch an estimated 18,000 police departments in the U.S. on the benefits of flying drones.  Time to wake up.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Use of Drones By EPA to Spy On Cattle Ranchers From Nebraska and Iowa

In what can only be described as setting a very dangerous precedent, the EPA has now engaged in the use of drones to spy on farmers.  At least Nebraska's congressional delegation sent a joint letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, but the question is, will it be heard?  Apparently, courts including the Supreme Court has found it legal to take aerial photographs with these drones.  Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution says otherwise, however, in that it expicitly says Congress may now legislate in environmental matters. Rather, the tenth amendment states that this authority is granted to states and its legisatures.  Clearly, this is another gross violation of federal power, where states should be deciding matters.  Furthermore, the use of drones to spy on anyone without a warrant is unconstitutional in itself.  What do you think?  Do you support or are you against drones spying on the American public?  Does it set a dangerous precedent?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Romney Will Most Likely Pick Running Mate in Early Summer

Mitt Romney will most likely pick his running mate early this summer.  The question is: does it even matter?  There was some excitement after Rand Paul was discovered to have been in a closed door meeting with Romney for about an hour.  This would be an interesting development!  However, other likely candidates include Mitch Daniels (at Bilderberg) or Marco Rubio.  The latter two would ensure the establishment wasn't threatened.  In any case, because Romney is bought and paid for by the same people Obama is, the only hope would be someone like Rand Paul to get in there.  Any comments?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ron Paul Republicans Take over GOP in Nevada

While the support by people for Ron Paul across the country grows even stronger, the establishment races to undermine him whenever they can.  While the "mainstream media" reports that Romney is already the GOP nominee, in states like Nevada, GOP offices are controlled almost entirely by Paul supporters.  Even if the Paul campaign doesn't win the nomination, at least the establishment is being taken on.  Comments?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Daily Caller Ambush Backfires

While protesting Bilderberg with a great turn out, Alex Jones was ambushed by the fake Libertarian news corp the "Daily Caller".  After rudely interrupting Jones during his live radio broadcast, the "reporter" asked Jones if Chuck Norris was going to be at the conference, and asked how much money he was making from "stirring up emotion".  I prefer to call it telling the truth.  In any case, the dinosaur media's pathetic attempt to smear Jones has once again backfired because the truth is eventually self-evident.