Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mitt Romney enters campaign’s final months with big edge in donations over President Obama

Mitt Romney is heading into the final three months of the campaign with far more cash at his disposal than a sitting president known for his fund-raising prowess, a scenario that presents the Republican’s Boston-based campaign with a series of strategic and tactical opportunities that could provide a crucial difference as he enters the final stretch of a race expected to be razor-close.
The growing financial advantage, one that would have been hard to predict several months ago, comes after months of hoarding money as President Obama’s campaign spent heavily on television ads trying to brand Romney early in the minds of voters.
But with a race that still appears tight, Romney’s campaign is now enjoying some of the rewards of withholding its money while being outspent — by about a 3-to-1 ratio — by the Obama campaign through the summer months.
“That will be over soon,” said Stuart Stevens, a Romney senior adviser. “And the playing field will be more level.”
For three consecutive months Romney and the Republican Party have far outraised Obama and the Democrats, even as they spend much less.

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