Monday, August 13, 2012

Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan to shift the campaign debate; will the gamble pay off?

It doesn’t take a political genius to see where the contest between President Obama and Mitt Romney is heading. With Paul Ryan on the Republican ticket, the campaign is looking at a full-throated debate over the future of Medicare. Are Romney and Ryan ready?
There is plenty in Ryan’s budget blueprint -- and by implication Romney’s platform — that will spark debate and controversy. The size and shape of Romney’s and Ryan’s proposed tax cuts already are under attack by Obama and the Democrats. The domestic spending cuts in Ryan’s plan have been singled out by Democrats, who say they would shred the social safety net.


But from the moment Ryan introduced his blueprint, called the Path to Prosperity, Democrats have seen his plan to fundamentally alter Medicare as the most politically vulnerable of his budget recommendations. Which is one big reason Democrats were gleeful when the news broke late Friday night that Romney had selected Ryan as his vice presidential running mate.
Republicans familiar with the deliberations that led to the pick say Romney and his advisers went into this marriage with eyes open about the pluses and minuses of putting the House Budget Committee chairman on the ticket.

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